Russia's "Invasion" of Ukraine is Another Media Hoax

In recent days, numerous "blue check mark" elites on Twitter began spreading a lie that a group of Ukrainian border guards stationed on Snake Island in the Black Sea south of Odessa told a Russian warship to "go f*** yourself".

The Russian warship supposedly then killed all 13 Ukrainian soldiers.

The mainstream media began to spread this same fake news story.

The truth is, there were actually 82 Ukrainian soldiers at Snake Island who all surrendered to the Russian warship and all 82 soldiers were taken to Crimea and given food and water by the Russian troops.

In recent days, there have been numerous fake reports of Ukraine's Capital Kyiv being under attack. The media backs up these fake reports by showing pictures and video footage of Israeli airstrikes that previously took place years ago in Gaza.

The official government 'Defence of Ukraine' Twitter account tweeted a video this weekend showing a Ukrainian MiG-29 fighter jet shooting down an "unimpressive" Su-35 Russian fighter jet.

Even Reuters fact checkers had to admit that Ukraine posted a video from the video game "Digital Combat Simulator". Reuters covered for Ukraine's deception by calling it a "miscaptioning" that was done unintentionally.

Adding to their purposeful deception... Ukraine later claimed to shoot down not just one Russian fighter jet, but six Russian fighter jets! In fact, all six were shot down by the same pilot dubbed the 'The Ghost of Kyiv'.

Ukrainian political analysts began to tweet photos of the hero Ukrainian fighter jet pilot. Some of them tweeted that his real name is actually 'Kyiv Phantom'.

Apparently, nobody in the mainstream media knows how to do a reverse image search. The picture they were spreading was originally posted to an Internet forum three years ago. It wasn't even a real pilot. It showed a person who was modeling Ukraine's new fighter jet uniforms.

Even more embarrassing, other members of the media got tricked into posting a photo of the "Ukrainian Ace-Fighter Pilot" whose real name was said to be Samuyil Hyde. Unfortunately for them, Sam Hyde is a comedian (just like Ukraine's President) who goes viral during every mass shooting. The media always gets tricked into reporting that the mass shooting suspect is Sam Hyde proving repeatedly how the media doesn't do the most basic research to verify the facts before reporting a news story.

India Today even reported that a seventh Russian fighter jet got shot down, even though there still hasn't been a single Russian fighter jet shot down by Ukraine.

The Daily Mail (who NIA's President sold his previous business to) ran a fake news story about an elderly Ukrainian driver being pulled alive from his vehicle after it was deliberately crushed in a barbaric attack by a Russian tank that purposely swerved to run over it.

It was later proven that it was a member of Ukraine's military who ran over the vehicle by accident. Other mainstream media news outlets continued to report on the same story but using the very deceptive headline, 'Russian tank runs over Ukrainian civilian car'. Russia manufactured the tank over half a century ago but has since retired them from service leaving Ukraine as the only country with this model in service today.

FOX News aired a story about Ukrainian civilians in Kyiv arming themselves with automatic weapons and taking to the streets to defend their country from the Russian invaders. However, because this isn't actually happening FOX News hired crisis actors to be in their fake news story and armed them with cardboard guns.

Another mainstream media news network hired crisis actors to hold guns in the background of their news story only for the ammunition to fall off of the gun on live TV.

Liberal news outlets are also hiring women to pose with fake guns pretending that they are defending their country against Russia.

Every U.S. newspaper cover story features the same injured Ukrainian woman whose "blood is on Putin's hands" but she is really just another crisis actor whose head wounds change locations for each photo shoot.

The only building in Kyiv to actually get damaged by a real missile, was an apartment building that got hit by a Ukrainian anti-aircraft missile that had its guidance system malfunction. This did not stop the media from falsely reporting the incident as a "Russian shelling" because apparently, we are supposed to believe Putin is so evil that he is shooting missiles at random apartment buildings to kill civilians.

Subsequent news reports about the damaged apartment building are now publishing deceptive headlines like, 'Kyiv residential tower hit by missile as fighting rages' with the sub-headline 'Apartment building comes under attack in Ukraine's capital on third day of Russian invasion'. They know Russia didn't strike the building, so they are now reporting the story in a deceptive way to make the reader automatically assume that Russia was responsible.

Ukraine's Defense Ministry as of today is officially reporting crazy propaganda about Russia having lost 4,300 troops, 27 planes, 26 helicopters, and 146 tanks in recent days. How can anybody take anything about this so-called "war" seriously when the country being portrayed as the victim is reporting such blatantly false information?!

The media is portraying Ukraine's puppet President Zelensky as a hero who is "fighting on the front lines" when there are no Russian troops in Kyiv!

The media is recycling staged photos of Zelensky taken nearly one full year ago of him wearing army gear as if these are newly taken photos from recent days.