Ron Paul Perfectly Predicted 2021 Afghanistan Disaster in 2011

In a speech given to members of Congress in 2011, then Texas Congressman Ron Paul said, "the question we're facing today is should we leave Afghanistan and I think the answer is very clear and it's not complicated... of course we should as soon as we can this suggests we can leave by the end of the year if we don't we'll be there for another decade would be my prediction".

In the same speech Ron Paul gave the following warnings:

"the chance of winning since we don't even know what we're going to win it doesn't exist"

"how did the soviets come down by doing the very same thing we're doing perpetual occupation of a country"

"if we would be precise and only go to war with a declaration of war with the people behind us knowing who the enemy is and fight win and get it over with that would be more legitimate"

"we have control of the purse we have control of when we're supposed to go to war and yet the wars continue they never stop"

"we are going to be completely brought down to our knees we can't change Afghanistan"