Rob McEwen Is a Crazy Smart Guy, Imagine If He Decides to Buy NPR

Rob McEwen is a crazy smart guy. When he ran Goldcorp, he came up with the idea to crowd source the discovery of gold and offered a $500,000 prize to whoever could tell him where to drill on their property for gold. By offering $500,000 in prize money, the Goldcorp Challenge discovered $6 billion worth of gold and Goldcorp got acquired for $10 billion.

Now, McEwen is betting big on the Prospect Mountain of Eureka, Nevada, a mountain full of some of Nevada's highest grades of gold...

If McEwen is paying a 133% premium to acquire Timberline Resources (TSXV: TBR) for their flagship Eureka project directly adjacent to North Peak Resources (TSXV: NPR)'s higher quality past producing Prospect Mountain Mine Complex... imagine how much he may offer to acquire NPR a few months from now after they confirm and expand the high-grade gold deposits on their property!

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