RML Gains 4.49% New Record Closing High Up 1,760% Since NIA's Suggestion

Today was the first round of bidding for the Citgo auction.

Rusoro Mining (TSXV: RML) gained by 4.49% today to a new record closing high of $0.93 per share where it is so far up by 1,760% since NIA's suggestion at $0.05 per share!

For our countless new NIA members who didn't have a chance to enter RML at our suggestion price of $0.05 per share or when we made RML our #1 most alerted stock of the summer of 2023 beginning at $0.11 per share, you had a chance to enter at Friday morning's RML opening price of $0.83 per share after NIA's reminder that today is the first round of bidding and you would already be up by 12.04% as of today's close!

RML should have its US$1.7 billion by mid-July 2024!

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