Retail Gold Buying Hasn't Started Yet

The whole world is completely oblivious to the massive rally gold is about to make.
Gold closed last week at $2,006 per oz, yet SPDR Gold Trust (GLD) saw -$94 million in outflows for the week.
iShares 20 Plus Year Treasury Bond ETF (TLT) saw another $1.84 billion in inflows last week despite bonds continuing to be the worst performing asset.
Nobody understands why gold is rising. The whole world is uneducated about gold. They think "if gold didn't rise when inflation did it will never rise" and "why is gold rising now when inflation is going down?"
Everybody is caught completely offsides, which is why Augusta Gold (TSX: G) is likely to double/triple within weeks and will gain by 500%-2,000% within months.

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