Reason GLNG Executives Left for Delfin Midstream

A few people have asked us why Golar LNG (GLNG)'s most experienced executives left GLNG in 2018 for Delfin Midstream.

GLNG is a real company, but it peaked too early reaching a valuation in 2014 of $7 billion or 92X revenue.

Once your stock peaks too early, executives have no incentive to stay because their goal is to become wealthy off of stock options.

They left GLNG in 2018 for Delfin Midstream knowing that they would have an opportunity to become extremely wealthy when Delfin Midstream goes public by merging into (TGLO).

Although Delfin Midstream was unable to make a Final Investment Decision in 2018 when the LNG market fell apart, their hard work is about to pay off in a BIG way when Delfin Midstream makes their Final Investment Decision before year-end and merges into TGLO!

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