Raoul Pal Desperately Tries to Calm RealVision Subscribers

Raoul Pal is desperately trying to calm RealVision subscribers about crashing Crypto prices. Instead of him finally telling the truth about Crypto and its artificially inflated prices from the printing of 78 billion Tether (USDT) tokens that are backed by nothing more than worthless "commercial paper" IOUs in companies like FTX aka Alameda Research, which uses them to wash trade Cryptocurrencies and create fraudulent trading volume; and instead of admitting to RealVision subscribers that BlockFi and Celsius Network are high yield ponzi schemes that will be unable to repay account holders... Raoul Pal has retweeted a person by the name of 'Afshine Emrani MD FACC' saying:

"For those of you stressed out about #Cryptocrash #BitcoinCrash... This 1 min video by @RaoulGMI is exactly what I believe" while retweeting a previous RealVision video published by Raoul Pal promising that the Crypto market will overtake the stock market and rise 100X from here to reach a higher market cap than all global stock market equities combined. This guy has fooled so many people into buying Crypto at the peak.