Prior to G, Richard Warke Created Equinox Gold Now Worth $3.3 Billion

Prior to creating Augusta Gold (TSX: G) last year as his brand-new gold company, Richard Warke co-founded Equinox Gold (TSX: EQX) which today has a market cap of $3.3 BILLION.

At first, Richard Warke created Catalyst Copper which went public in June 2014 at $0.07 per share. On May 25, 2016, with Catalyst Copper trading for $0.53 per share after gaining by 657.14% from its IPO price, Richard Warke merged Catalyst Copper with NewCastle Gold. Catalyst Copper shareholders received 1 NewCastle Gold share for each Catalyst Copper share held. On December 27, 2017, with NewCastle Gold trading for $0.92 per share, Richard Warke merged NewCastle Gold with Trek Mining and Anfield Gold to create Equinox Gold (TSX: EQX).

NewCastle Gold shareholders received 0.873 Equinox Gold (TSX: EQX) share for each NewCastle Gold share held.

EQX finished its first day of trading on December 27, 2017, at $1.05 per share, which equaled $5.30 per share when adjusted for a 1 for 5 reverse split that occurred on August 20, 2019. On August 18, 2020, EQX hit a record high of $17.99 per share.

EQX's record high of $17.99 per share represented $3.14 per share in value for Richard Warke's initial Catalyst Copper shareholders.

From Richard Warke's creation of Catalyst Copper at $0.07 per share to an all-time high adjusted peak valuation of $3.14 per share (when EQX hit $17.99 per shareCatalyst Copper's initial shareholders earned a return of 4,385.71%!

G today is exactly like the early days of Catalyst Copper prior to its most significant value creation!

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