Platinum Is the Next Cocoa

Cocoa has gone parabolic rising by 244.83% from $2,900 per tonne up to a new all-time high earlier this morning of $10,000 per tonne.

It's not surprising at all to us how cocoa has gone parabolic because prior to its run cocoa was trading at an all-time low priced in gold:

Today, the commodity trading closest to its all-time low priced in gold is platinum:

Similar to how Côte d'Ivoire and Ghana account for nearly 60% of global cocoa production...

93.33% of all platinum gets produced in South Africa, Russia, and Zimbabwe.

With gold we at least have one small-cap gold development company Augusta Gold (TSX: G) that is in a position to bring new gold mines into production in the short-term in the world's #1 best mining jurisdiction of Nevada.

With platinum there are no new platinum mines that can be brought into production in the short-term anywhere.

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