Palladium Hits Record High, New Palladium Stock Suggestion

Palladium settled last week up to a new all-time high of $1,753.47 per oz! The palladium/platinum price ratio settled last week at a record high of 1.971 and is up from a record low reached in March 2009 of 0.18!

Back on April 10, 2014, NIA announced palladium as its #1 favorite precious metal for the short-term at a price of $790 per oz. NIA said that it was bullish on palladium for two primary reasons: 1) 42% of global palladium production comes from one single Russian company Norilsk Nickel (NILSY) and Russia was likely to halt all U.S. palladium exports. 2) 40% of global palladium production comes from South Africa where they were experiencing major worker strikes within the mining sector at the time.

NIA's 2014 prediction about Russia halting palladium exports to the U.S. came true in 2019 but the #1 reason for soaring palladium prices this year is a 20% increase in palladium demand from China! The Chinese smog crisis caused China to implement tough new emissions standards on July 1st. All Chinese automobiles on the road are now required to have catalytic converters containing larger amounts of palladium.

Up until now, NIA has only announced one palladium stock suggestion in its history. In NIA's April 10, 2014 alert predicting a short-term explosion in the price of palladium, NIA suggested shares of Stillwater Mining (SWC) as its #1 way to capitalize on soaring palladium prices at a price of $15.26 per share. Over the following four months, as palladium exploded from $790 per oz to well above $900 per oz, shares of Stillwater Mining (SWC) gained by 26.8% to a high of $19.35 per share! Stillwater Mining was later acquired by Sibanye Gold (SBGL) for $18 per share or $2.2 billion in cash!

Over the past month, Sibanye-Stillwater (SBGL) has been the #1 biggest percentage gainer out of all large-cap mining stocks, rising by 47.02% entirely due to its Montana palladium assets!

NIA hasn't suggested SBGL because its South African gold mining operations are losing money. However, we have uncovered today's BIGGEST opportunity in the entire market to capitalize on soaring palladium prices! NIA is officially suggesting Group Ten Metals (TSXV: PGE) as its new palladium stock suggestion!

PGE is the second largest land holder in the Stillwater Igneous Complex, a district that has produced over 14 million ounces of palladium and platinum to date! PGE's Stillwater West project covers 54 square kilometers consisting of 665 claims adjacent to and contiguous with SBGL’s East Boulder, Stillwater and Blitz mines which are the highest-grade PGE producers in the world, and the largest outside South Africa and Russia with total resources of over 80 million ounces of palladium and platinum grading over 16 g/t. The area has excellent infrastructure including a highway and grid power.

PGE is currently trading for $0.145 per share with 80,848,616 shares outstanding and a market cap of only CAD$11.723 million or USD$8.928 million. PGE has approximately CAD$2 million in cash for an extremely low enterprise value of CAD$9.723 million or USD$7.4 million! SBGL's adjacent and contiguous mines have an estimated value today of $7 BILLION!

The Stillwater district is the only producing palladium district within the United States! PGE owns the only major palladium exploration project located within the United States! PGE has an extensive database of past work conducted at Stillwater West including the data from more than 215 drill holes totaling over 28,000 meters. PGE even has approximately 12,000 meters of drill core from previous Stillwater West drilling.

PGE has divided Stillwater West into 14 target areas across the 25km long property and has plans to rapidly develop a major mineral resource at the most advanced target areas. PGE is currently conducting its first major drilling campaign since acquiring Stillwater West and is targeting the Iron Mountain, Camp Zone, and Chrome Mountain target areas.

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