Palladium is the Biggest Boom in the Market!

NIA has just put together a brand new chart of the Top 20 Best Performing Long ETFs/ETNs for the last 12 months (non-leveraged with assets under management of at least $10 million). Very few investors realize that the #1 biggest boom asset of the last 12 months is palladium. The Aberdeen Standard Phys PalladiumShrs ETF (PALL) with $274.27 million under management has been the #1 best performing non-leveraged long ETF/ETN in North America with a gain of 63.1%. For comparison, the VanEck Vectors Gold Miners ETF (GDX) was up by 35.6% during the same time period making it the #10 best performing non-leveraged long ETF/ETN in North America. Although not on the Top 20 list, the SPDR® Gold Shares ETF (GLD) gained by 21.17% during this time period, which means GDX has gained 1.682X more than GLD.

There is no palladium mining/exploration shares ETF, but we can calculate that with PALL being the #1 best performing ETF with a gain of 63.1%, the average palladium miner/explorer deserves to be up a minimum of 106.13% over the last twelve months or 1.682X more than PALL.

Sibanye-Stillwater (SBGL) which acquired NIA's first ever palladium stock suggestion Stillwater Mining for USD$2.2 billion has gained by 118% over the last twelve months including a gain of 47.02% during the past month alone! After NIA's Stillwater Mining was acquired, the only remaining primary palladium producer left in North America was North American Palladium Ltd (PALDF) and it gained by 100.6% over the last twelve months. PALDF announced on October 7th that it is being acquired by South African platinum group metal (PGM) producer Impala Platinum Holdings Ltd (IMPUY) for CAD$1 billionIMPUY over the last twelve months has been the best performing PGM stock gaining by 294.4%!

With IMPUY acquiring PALDF for CAD$1 billion after our Stillwater Mining was acquired a few years ago by SBGL for USD$2.2 billion, there are officially no more publicly traded standalone North American based palladium producers

For investors looking for a non-Russia/South Africa palladium play, the highest quality North American palladium exploration stock with a real chance to become a major producer in the future is Group Ten Metals (TSXV: PGE), which has a U.S. symbol of PGEZF. Right now, PGEZF is completely undiscovered as a palladium play and has declined by 3% over the last twelve months. In the upcoming weeks, we could see PGEZF quickly catch up to the huge gains achieved by these other palladium stocks!

PGEZF is the second largest landholder in the Stillwater Igneous Complex of Montana! SBGL is currently receiving USD$7 BILLION in value for their Stillwater palladium mines, which are directly adjacent to PGEZF's 25km long Stillwater West palladium project! PGEZF is extremely undervalued with a current enterprise value that is just over $7 million!

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