OSS Working Closely with LDOS America's Leader in Hypersonic Missiles

One Stop Systems (OSS) is working closely with Leidos (LDOS) the #1 largest gaining Top 12 U.S. defense contractor of the past week.

It is no coincidence that less than two weeks after the Department of Defense announced its AI Adoption Strategy on November 2nd (click here to see), LDOS secured for OSS a contract to provide its proprietary OSS high-speed PCIe Gen 5 technology for real-time signal analysis using the latest AI deep learning frameworks (click here to see).

LDOS owns America's only hypersonic weapons manufacturing facility.

This initial OSS contract win for AI signals collection will allow OSS to prove the reliability of its technology to the Department of Defense.

The contract to power AI autonomous launches of hypersonic missiles is what OSS is truly aiming for because the dollar amounts would be 100X larger.

LDOS is building weapons systems that can travel at Mach 5 or higher. Russia already has these weapons and if they fire a hypersonic missile at the U.S., we need to have AI technology that can instantly analyze the situation and determine whether or not to autonomously fire a hypersonic missile back at Russia.

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