OSS AI on the Fly Supercomputers

When Zedge (ZDGE) and One Stop Systems (OSS) are at/near a top they will both be trading many millions of shares per day. For whatever reason, NIA is the only organization actively providing coverage of these two companies when they are both generating huge revenue and are cash flow positive. OSS is already an AI pure play today and ZDGE is a company with over 600 million users that is focusing 100% of its resources on the development of new Generative AI applications/games to fuel massive growth.

When NIA suggested DroneShield (ASX: DRO) on April 3, 2022, at $0.20 per share, DRO too was undiscovered like ZDGE and OSS are undiscovered today. In 2023, DRO tripled its revenue to $55.1 million. DRO became profitable in 4Q 2023 earning income before tax of $4 million compared to a 4Q 2022 loss of -$2.9 million. DRO closed Friday at $0.715 per share for a gain of 257.50% since NIA's initial suggestion.

DRO has the highest odds of being acquired by a large defense contractor, but the new CEO of OSS came from Lockheed Martin. We may try to introduce DRO's CEO to the CEO of OSS because we know that DRO found Nvidia (NVDA)'s GPUs to be unstable for their military anti-drone applications and DRO was forced to use FPGAs. OSS is the only company in the world with technology that allows the GPUs of both NVDA and AMD to operate under the harshest of all environments. In fact, OSS has the technology to combine the use of both GPUs and FPGAs into a single rugged platform capable of powering the most demanding of all military AI workloads.

NIA said in its initial DRO alert, "DRO has the world's #1 best proprietary AI platform for protection against drones." NIA was stating a 100% fact. At the time, nobody even cared about AI technology!

OSS has been in business since 1998: click here to see for yourself on Wayback Machine!

OSS first began developing Supercomputers with "AI on the Fly" technology in 2020 when nobody cared about AI technology!

OSS and DRO have a multi-year head start over any companies that may attempt to copy them in 2024! ZDGE also has a huge moat around it based on its massive customer base of over 600 million users who highly rate ZDGE's products/services and will be quick to adopt ZDGE's new AI platforms!

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