OPK Hits $3.07 Up 47.6% from NIA's Suggestion Price!

On April 23rd, NIA officially announced OPKO Health (OPK) at $2.08 per share as its #1 favorite COVID-19 testing stock suggestion and explained how OPK is the owner of BioReference Laboratories one of America's largest full-service clinical diagnostic laboratories. NIA predicted in its OPK announcement alert that, "it will rise to $3 per share in the upcoming weeks."

At the time of NIA's announcement, very few investors were aware that OPK owned BioReference Laboratories, which has the third largest share of the U.S. diagnostic laboratory market behind only the #1 market share leader Quest Diagnostics (DGX) and #2 market share leader LabCorp (LH).

OPK finished last week at a new 52-week closing high of $2.78 per share and NIA said on Sunday evening, "Look for OPK to finally break $3 per share this week."

NIA's prediction came true this morning with OPK successfully surpassing its key breakout point of $2.90 per share and hitting a new 52-week high of $3.07 per share for a nine-week gain of 47.6%! During this time period, Quest Diagnostics (DGX) has only gained by 8.81% and LabCorp (LH) has only gained by 1.74%. OPK has gained 5.40X more than DGX and 27.36X more than LH!

NIA now believes that OPK is likely to rise much higher this summer because we haven't yet seen a short squeeze... OPK's short position has grown from 98 million shares when we first suggested it to 117 million shares as of June 15th!

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