Only DRO Has Anti-Drone Equipment Available in Inventory for Ukraine

On April 4th, less than one day after NIA's suggestion of DroneShield (ASX: DRO), Business Insider published an article entitled, 'The US's latest military aid to Ukraine: handheld jammers to swat Russian drones'. The media got half of the story right. Business Insider was right about the military planning to aid Ukraine with anti-drone equipment, but the specific company mentioned by Business Insider was wrong. Business Insider mentioned the company IXI, which produces a knockoff product called Drone Killer. IXI is about 1/1000th of the size of DRO and doesn't have any inventory available to ship to Ukraine.

If you notice in DRO's earnings press release they purposely highlighted near the very top, "Strong inventory balance of $14 million by sale value (including long lead raw inventory), mitigating supply chain risk and enabling rapid sales." DRO is the only anti-drone company that had the foresight to build up large inventories in advance. Only DRO has significant inventory of anti-drone equipment available for immediate shipment to Ukraine.

On April 19th, NIA sent out an alert entitled, 'DroneShield About to Deploy With Ukrainian Defence Forces'.

In this alert, NIA predicted two things, "DroneShield (ASX: DRO) is about to deploy their anti-drone equipment with Ukrainian Defence Forces" and "DRO is going to report basically breakeven cashflow".

DRO also highlighted near the top of today's earnings press release, "Bank balance as at 31 March 2022 at $8 million" and "The bank balance remained approximately the same as of the date of this report".

This confirms that NIA was 100% correct and DRO is now cash flow breakeven and won't have anymore dilution!

The company has just confirmed multiple enquiries to “purchase all stock on hand” from various military aid channels! DRO will be $0.50-$1 very soon!

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