OGO Revenue Up 212%, Gross Profit Up 466%!

Organto Foods (TSXV: OGO) or OGOFF on the U.S. OTC released its 4Q and year-end 2020 results this evening!

OGO reported rapidly accelerating revenue growth like NIA predicted! OGO blew away our highest expectations for many reasons that we will be discussing tonight and tomorrow! NIA was definitely not expecting OGO's gross profit growth to far exceed its revenue growth. In fact, OGO's gross profit growth rapidly accelerated to an even larger extent than OGO's revenue growth!

OGO's 4Q revenue grew by 211.77% year-over-year to $4,937,180 while its 4Q gross profit grew by 465.89% year-over-year to $394,010! OGO's 4Q revenue and gross profit growth rates on a year-over-year basis far exceeded its 3Q growth rates!

In the 3Q, OGO's revenue only grew by 41.44% year-over-year while its gross profit only grew by 64.66% year-over-year!

OGO experienced a HUGE acceleration in its 4Q revenue growth rate to a level that was 5.11X higher than the 3Q!

OGO experienced a HUGE acceleration in its 4Q gross profit growth rate to a level that was 7.21X higher than the 3Q!

Click here to read OGO's 4Q results press release!

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