Nvidia GPUs Will Become VCRs

Our theory is that Nvidia (NVDA) GPUs will eventually become VCRs and NVDA isn't a real AI company.

Healwell AI (TSX: AIDX) is a real AI company and the only other companies as advanced as them are privately held VC funded startups with implied valuations in the billions.

The flow of foreign currencies being converted to U.S. dollars to buy overvalued tech stocks like NVDA has kept the U.S. dollar index at artificially high levels despite America's largest fiscal deficits in the world.

What will happen when Canadians realize a company like Westhaven Gold (TSXV: WHN) might be a bigger opportunity than NVDA?

Gold has never before hit new all-time highs with such an extremely overvalued U.S. dollar index like in recent months.

When foreign investors stop chasing bubbles like NVDA, realizing that their own local stocks offer much greater upside than U.S. big tech stocks, the U.S. dollar index will collapse, and gold will breakout into the $3,000-$5,000 per oz range.

Augusta Gold (TSX: G) is obviously the company that is closest to developing its properties and bringing them into production, but Franco Nevada (FNV) has become a large WHN shareholder, and it wouldn't have any reason to unless it believed WHN has future production potential.

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