NTE and CSSE Breaking Out Big!

Network Media Group (TSXV: NTE) is beginning to breakout big on record trading volume! NTE hit a high so far today of $0.215 per share for a gain of 43.33% from our alert yesterday morning at $0.15 per share. NTE has trailing twelve month EBITDA per share of $0.238, up from $0.028 one year ago! NTE continues to trade for less than 1X EBITDA when over the last three years NTE has traded with a median enterprise value/EBITDA ratio of 5.49, which would value NTE at $1.26 per share!

NTE has a huge backlog of business due to their upcoming streaming docuseries 'Beauty' with Tyra Banks and their upcoming streaming documentary for Paramount 'I Am Jackie Kennedy Onassis'.

Being aware of the fact that millennials don't have cable TV and prefer streaming platforms like Netflix and free AVOD platforms like Crackle and PopcornFlix, we recently named Chicken Soup for the Soul (CSSE) as one of our top three mid-year picks. Unfortunately, if you tell any millennial investor to research CSSE, they will immediately assume the company makes chicken soup and will move on to looking at other companies... not realizing that CSSE actually owns the AVOD platforms they watch every night! During this year's Presidential election, CSSE will benefit more than any other company because both the Trump and Biden campaigns will be battling to win over the millennial Sanders supporters who like free things... and the best way to advertise to them will be through the free AVOD platforms they watch, which will cause CSSE's revenue to explode!

CSSE is beginning to breakout big and is currently up by 7.61% to $7.92 per share on double its average trading volume. If CSSE changed their name to PopcornFlix with a symbol FLIX it would immediately double in value. NIA predicts that over the next 30 days... CSSE will become the #1 highest market cap AVOD company and will far surpass the valuation of Genius Brands (GNUS) and Cinedigm (CIDM).

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