NPR Gains by 5.66% to $1.12 Per Share

North Peak Resources (TSXV: NPR) gained by 5.66% today to $1.12 per share.

The last time NPR started drilling the stock was $5.85 per share up 800% from our suggestion price of $0.65 per share and we released a report trying to convince people to consider Augusta Gold (TSX: G) instead at a price of $1.23 per share, because we felt G at $1.23 per share was much more undervalued than NPR at $5.85 per share. G gained by 95% within two months of our suggestion to a high of $2.40 per share.

Today, NPR owns the property that its CEO Brian Hinchcliffe the Founder of Kirkland Lake Gold which got acquired for $13 billion+ wanted for NPR to begin with at the North Peak of Prospect Mountain in Nevada where the highest grade CRD deposits are located, but because it didn't work out well for NPR in 2021 when they had a backup property after they weren't able to acquire Prospect Mountain in 2021, nobody expects NPR to make any high grade discoveries today, which means NPR will probably have a day very soon where it gaps up by 100%+.

G is still a much more solid play because they already have 1.92 million oz of gold resources, and the Beatty Gold District is about to become North America's #1 largest newly developed gold district!

Gold is about to hit new all-time highs in the upcoming weeks, yet the two gold stocks run by management teams who consistently create multi-billion-dollar market cap companies are trading at crazy low valuations that will NEVER be seen again!

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