NOB Secretly Owns 9.99% of BEX's JV Partner at Great Burnt Copper Project

Noble Mineral Exploration (TSXV: NOB) secretly owns 18 million shares of Spruce Ridge Resources (TSXV: SHL) for a 9.99% stake in the company.

SHL is the owner of Benton Resources (TSXV: BEX)'s Great Burnt Copper Project where BEX made a massive copper discovery last month causing its share price to gain by 270% in recent weeks from $0.05 up to $0.185!

BEX is earning a 70% stake in Great Burnt from SHL, which will leave SHL with a 30% stake in Great Burnt. As part of BEX's earn-in agreement with SHL, it is issuing SHL 15 million shares of BEX.

This means NOB has an indirect stake in the massive new copper discovery made by BEX last month at the Great Burnt Copper Project and nobody knows this but us!

This is in addition to NOB having 100% ownership of the property located directly to the north of the Great Burnt Copper Project!

The same exact conductive zone goes through both BEX's Great Burnt Copper Project and NOB's directly adjacent property!

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