NNO the Only Remaining EV Battery Technology Pure Play!

Nano One Materials (TSXV: NNO) gained by $0.04 yesterday to close at $1.65 per share on HUGE volume of 486,200 shares or more than 6X higher than NNO's average daily volume! Over the last two trading days, NNO has gained by $0.17 or 11.5% on total volume of 715,600 shares! The last time NNO surpassed its 50-day and 200-day moving averages along with all major resistance levels on strong volume, NNO made a run all the way up to $2.64 per share.

New all-time highs for NNO of above $2.64 per share could be possible for later on this month, in NIA's opinion! After Tesla (TSLA)'s acquisition this week of Maxwell Technologies (MXWL) for $218 million, with TSLA paying a 55% premium for the company, NNO is the only remaining publicly traded pure play in the battery technology space that is improving the performance while reducing the costs of lithium-ion batteries for electric vehicles (EVs).

There are many different publicly traded lithium and cobalt exploration/mining companies, but NNO is the only standalone public company with the intellectual property and know-how to build better EV batteries using lower grade raw materials and the most efficient production process with 75% fewer steps. NNO is insanely undervalued at its current market cap of only USD$82.4 million. With TSLA paying USD$218 million for MXWL, we believe NNO deserves to be worth at least $218 million, which would value NNO at $4.37 per share.

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