NKG Gains by 1.49% to $0.34 Per Share

Nevada King Gold (TSXV: NKG) gained by 1.49% today to $0.34 per share and has so far gained by 4.62% since our suggestion at $0.325 per share.

NKG has been drilling non-stop since June 2021 and has so far drilled a total of 56,584m with results pending for 129 drill holes totaling 22,314m.

NKG is continuing to drill today and is currently utilizing one RC rig to define deeper mineralization within the West Atlanta Graben. NKG is utilizing a second RC rig to target shallower mineralization along the Atlanta Mine Fault Zone with closer-spaced drilling designed to better define high-grade zones discovered by NKG within the main resource area. NKG is utilizing a third RC rig to drill a series of widely spaced exploration holes at the Western Knolls prospect located 5.5km west of the Atlanta Pit where NKG is testing a variety of geochemical and geophysical anomalies. NKG announced yesterday that it has mobilized a fourth rig, which is a diamond core drill.

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