Nickel is Exploding BIG this Morning to New Decade Highs!

Nickel futures have exploded by 2.94% this morning to a new 10-year high of $21,365.23 per tonne.

SPC Nickel (TSXV: SPC) is about to explode from its current price of $0.18 per share where it has a market cap of only $18.395 million. SPC has $5.34 million in cash for an extremely low enterprise value of $13.06 million. Not only does SPC own the AER-KIDD nickel project containing three past producing nickel mines across a 1.5km strike directly in between North America's two most valuable nickel deposits VALE's Totten and KGHM's Victoria, but SPC also owns the nearby Lockerby East nickel project a property that hosts both the Lockerby East deposit and the West Graham deposit.

SPC's Lockerby East deposit is a high-grade nickel deposit containing an indicated 0.18 million tonnes of 2.32% nickel and 0.87% copperSPC's West Graham deposit is a near-surface nickel deposit containing an indicated 8.55 million tonnes of 0.45% nickel and 0.31% copper plus an inferred 2 million tonnes of 0.38% nickel and 0.30% copper.

SPC's newest nickel project is the Janes Ni-Cu-PGM Project where in 2021 drill hole JP-21-001 intercepted 10.5m of 3.15% nickel equivalent beginning 1m downhole, drill hole JP-21-002 intercepted 6.65m of 3.23% nickel equivalent beginning 1.85m downhole, drill hole JP-21-003 intercepted 6.62m of 2.61% nickel equivalent beginning 1.88m downhole, drill hole JP-21-008 intercepted 8m of 1.55% nickel equivalent beginning 19m downhole, drill hole JP-21-009 intercepted 9.25m of 1.34% nickel equivalent beginning 4.25m downhole, drill hole JP-21-010 intercepted 26.6m of 1.73% nickel equivalent beginning 2.9m downhole, drill hole JP-21-011 intercepted 16.4m of 1.81% nickel equivalent beginning 2.6m downhole, drill hole JP-21-012 intercepted 21m of 1.03% nickel equivalent beginning 3m downhole, drill hole JP-21-013 intercepted 11.70m of 1.45% nickel equivalent beginning 6.50m downhole, and drill hole JP-21-014 intercepted 24m of 1.21% nickel equivalent beginning 3m downhole.

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