NIA's Technology Picks

On July 27th, NIA sent out an alert entitled, 'Do You Prefer AAPL at 8.084X Revenue or DAKT at 0.409X Revenue?!' Since July 27th, NIA's Daktronics (DAKT) has gained by 39.53% vs. Apple (AAPL) declining by 14.20%!

On August 21st, NIA suggested Zedge (ZDGE) at $1.70 per share. Yesterday, ZDGE closed at $1.95 per share for a gain so far of 14.7% vs. the NASDAQ Composite declining by 6.68% during the same time period! Last night, ZDGE reported a net profit, positive operating income, positive EBITDA, and positive cash flow for fiscal 4Q 2023 ending July 31st! ZDGE's AI Art Master is launching soon!

On August 29th, NIA mentioned Trio-Tech International (TRT) at $6.68 per share as a speculative short-term trade. TRT is currently $6.89 per share for a gain of 3.14% vs. the NASDAQ Composite declining by 9.67% during the same time period!

On September 23rd, NIA said to short AEHR Test Systems (AEHR) at $42.66 per share. Yesterday, AEHR closed at $31.68 per share and has already declined by 25.74% since NIA's short sale suggestion!

We still love DAKT and ZDGE for the long-term but will be announcing no new technology picks moving forward!

Gold stocks will be the market's new #1 biggest boom industry moving forward!

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