NIA's SPRT Being Acquired #1 Gainer on NASDAQ!

On September 27th, NIA announced (SPRT) at $1.76 per share as its #1 favorite NASDAQ stock suggestion and one of its Top 5 favorite overall stock suggestions at a price of $1.76 per share! NIA said in its September 27th report, "SPRT has generated positive free cash flow over the last twelve months of $5.529 million. SPRT is trading with an enterprise value of less than 1X free cash flow, which is unheard of! Back on July 1, 2014 after SPRT generated trailing twelve month positive free cash flow of $5.623 million, SPRT hit a high of $8.52 per share where it had an enterprise value of $77.44 million or 13.77X free cash flow. If SPRT traded with an enterprise value of 13.77X free cash flow today, SPRT would be worth $5.74 per share or more than triple its current share price!"

Today, SPRT more than tripled in a single day after it was announced that SPRT is being acquired by Greenidge Generation Holdings Inc. in a reverse merger transaction to become the first publicly traded bitcoin mining company with a wholly-owned power plant! The combined company will have a $70 million net cash position and expects to achieve calendar year 2021 EBITDA in excess of $50 million and a run rate in excess of $160 million of EBITDA by Q4 2022!

SPRT was today's #1 largest percentage gainer on any stock exchange in North America! SPRT gained by 231.78% today to $7.10 per share on record volume of 274,645,929 shares! SPRT hit a high today of $9.45 per share for a gain of 436.93% since NIA made SPRT its latest NASDAQ stock suggestion in its September 27th Top 5 favorite overall stock suggestions report at $1.76 per share!

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