NIA's President Happy He Skipped VeeCon Disaster for A-Fest

NIA's President is happy that he turned down Gary Vee's invitation to be a part of VeeCon and instead was a featured speaker today at A-Fest in Jordan.
Gary Vee's VeeCon has turned into a complete disaster... a true Fyre Festival of NFTs. After Crypto investors spent $30,000 on a Veefriends NFT to gain access to Gary Vee, they were left stranded outside in the rain for 4 hours in line just to enter US Bank Stadium.
Once inside, VeeCon attendees rushed like sheep on Black Friday at Wal-Mart to the merchandise stand for an opportunity to buy "limited edition" Veefriends Hoodies. They already paid $30,000 for their NFT to attend an event just to get pushed down a flight of stairs and be left bloody for the opportunity to buy a Hoodie! We couldn't make this up!
After waiting in the 3-hour merch line, lucky VeeCon attendees were able to purchase "XXL" Veefriends Hoodies, which were the only size left.
Most VeeCon attendees were looking down at their phones while standing for 3 hours in the merch line, watching Veefriends floor prices slowly decline!
Within hours of VeeCon opening, all 600 Hoodies were sold out and most people were left empty handed. Facing the possible humiliation of leaving VeeCon without a Hoodie, after VeeCon attendees learned that the Hoodies were sold out, a new stampede took place where attendees who successfully purchased Hoodies were suddenly being offered $1,500 to sell their Hoodies to strangers because apparently the Hoodies will moon in value just like Veefriends NFTs did before they crashed.
VeeCon attendees smart enough not to waste $1,500 on a Hoodie, decided to head over to the "quarter machine" for Veefriends stickers, which was another 2-hour line.
The few lucky Gary Vee fan boys who got their stickers were quick to take selfies with them and show off their stickers on social media.
Frustrated by how horrible VeeCon was, many attendees began to leave early and go back to each other's AirBNBs to smoke weed.
Those who stayed found Beeple the artist who famously sold an NFT one year ago for $69 million, wandering around the stadium starving to death unable to find any food.
Other VeeCon attendees had tears of joy when they found a place to get free water from a water fountain without waiting for 2 hours in line to buy a bottled water.
Noticing how bad everything was going, Gary Vee desperately tried to save VeeCon by bribing everybody with the offer of a free surprise. The crowd immediately started to clap in a sigh of relief thinking that Gary figured out a way to pump their Veefriends NFT prices back up, only to be left even more disappointed.
Gary Vee's big surprise was that he just spent 5 minutes drawing a new Veefriends character VeeCon Viper and would allow all 15,000 VeeCon attendees to share in the ownership of the Viper.
Everybody started to realize at this point that they were part of a gigantic cult.
Most attendees realized that they were attending the "most cringe event ever".
The most truly brainwashed cult members of all went into a new 3-hour line for a chance to get a selfie with Gary Vee.
That did not work out too well. After 3 hours in line to meet Gary, they were told that Gary was calling it a day and going back to his hotel to rest.
VeeCon turned out to be the Web 3.0 version of Fyre Festival.