NIA's Prediction from One Year Ago

A little more than one year ago when NIA announced Ascot Resources (TSX: AOT) on October 31, 2019 at $0.51 per share as its #1 overall stock suggestion for 2020, NIA predicted that AOT's feasibility study would, "show low initial CAPEX and extremely strong economics". NIA said that, "we expect companies like Sprott to compete to offer AOT project financing to bring the Premier Gold Mine into production."

AOT's feasibility study filed on May 22, 2020 showed low initial CAPEX of USD$105 million. At current gold prices, Premier's NPV is approximately 4X higher than initial CAPEX, giving the Premier Gold Mine extremely strong economics. After reviewing numerous funding proposals, AOT announced last week that it has secured USD$105 million in project financing from Sprott Private Resource Lending LP.

AOT closed today up by 6.03% to $1.23 per share and is currently up by 141.18% from NIA's suggestion price.

AOT has been NIA's 9th straight #1 overall pick for the new upcoming year to become a HUGE winner. We have never had a losing #1 overall pick for the new upcoming year.

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