NIA's Most Important Update of 2021

Going into next week we are most confident about 1) Arianne Phosphate (TSXV: DAN) and 2) Helix Applications (TSXV: HELX).

If HELX does well next week so should North Peak Resources (TSXV: NPR), which is a once-in-a-lifetime bounce opportunity here. Remember, NPR owns a 5% royalty in HELX's extremely valuable U.S. blockchain patents and we believe NPR's blockchain royalties alone are worth far more than NPR's current enterprise value of CAD$6 million.

NPR's CEO took his last two companies Kirkland Lake Gold (KL) and Rupert Resources (TSXV: RUP) to billion dollar market caps! NPR is sitting on a HUGE cash position of CAD$7 million and has traded at a volume weighted average price (VWAP) over the last five years of $8+ per share.

CurrencyWorks (TSXV: CWRK) is also beginning to execute in a big way and is on its way to becoming the market's #1 most valuable NFT play!

We recently told you about how CWRK is the best positioned publicly traded company in the NFT space and would begin to announce major new partnerships for its NFT platform in the upcoming weeks. Between yesterday and today, CWRK has announced two new NFT partnerships and we believe this is only the beginning! Yesterday, CWRK announced that Barrett-Jackson has signed an agreement to exclusively use CWRK's NFT platform to launch NFT auctions for car collectors of VIN 001 vehicles!

This is a big development because if you visit NBATopShot, which is currently the #1 most popular brand of NFTs... for every NBA player that has NFTs available of their greatest NBA moments it tells you exactly how many of each moment is in circulation. The NFTs of each moment get individually numbered from #1 to #100 for rare NFTs and from #1 to #35000 for common NFTs. For even the most common moments with 35,000 in circulation of the worst NBA players, the NFT with the serial number of #1 of that moment is always worth a fortune!

For example, Austin Rivers of the NY Knicks is the worst player in the NBA today and this moment of his already has 35,000 NFTs in circulation making it common. There are 1,939 NFTs of the unremarkable moment available for purchase over the blockchain in the NBATopShot marketplace! You can buy NFT #34771 for only $10 but if you want NFT #1 of the same moment it currently costs $7,950! There can only be one #1 and we suspect that these are the ones that will retain the most value over the long-term!

CWRK's CEO is an expert at getting media attention for his companies and it wouldn't surprise us to see him get invited onto mainstream media news programs as soon as this weekend to discuss this major NFT partnership that has so far been totally overlooked by the investment community! We all saw how many times he got invited onto mainstream media news programs to discuss DraganFly (CSE: DFLY) in recent months and NFTs are currently the #1 hottest topic in the mainstream media! We guarantee that producers from the media have already read CWRK's press release from yesterday about how CWRK's NFT platform will be used by Barrett-Jackson to auction off NFTs of VIN 001 vehicles for car collectors! One of their first NFT auctions using CWRK's platform is taking place today and another one is taking place tomorrow so it is very possible that CWRK could receive media exposure this weekend or early next week!

Today it was announced that the publicly traded fintech company XTM Inc (CSE: PAID) will allow its mobile wallet holders to access CWRK's CurrencyWorks Collectibles NFT platform and proprietary NFT payment platform!

The Bitcoin Cash (BCH)/Bitcoin (BTC) price ratio bottomed on Wednesday at an all-time low of 0.0085 and has since bounced strongly to 0.0093. If BTC makes another rally to $60,000+ we look for BCH to simultaneously explode to $1,000+ and even if BTC pulls back to $45,000 we expect BCH to simultaneously rise to $600-$800!

NBATopShot only accepts payment in three Crypto tokens: Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), and Bitcoin Cash (BCH). BCH by far has the lowest transaction fees of these three Crypto tokens! People buying NBATopShot packs are mostly using BCH for payment and that's why BCH's daily transactions have now surpassed BTC!

Do NOT buy the Grayscale Bitcoin Cash Trust (BCHG) it currently has a market cap of $598 million despite having assets under management of only $138.5 million. Interestingly, the Grayscale Bitcoin Trust (GBTC) closed yesterday with a market cap of $30.81 billion despite having assets under management of $34.1 billion. Grayscale will be forced to issue new BCHG shares and buy hundreds of thousands of BCH tokens to reduce BCHG's premium! This will cause BCH to explode higher but BCHG will likely declineGrayscale will also be forced to sell tens of thousands of BTC tokens and buyback GBTC shares to reduce GBTC's discount! Therefore, GBTC will actually outperform BTC moving forward and this means investors no longer have any reason to own overvalued Bitcoin mining stocks like Riot Blockchain (RIOT) and Marathon Patent (MARA). Both RIOT and MARA will soon crash by 70%-90%!

The #1 best way for U.S. and Canadian NIA members to buy Bitcoin Cash (BCH) is through NIA's Voyager Digital (CSE: VYGR) and you can download the Voyager App and open an account by clicking here! For our U.K. members the #1 best Crypto firm available to you is called GlobalBlock and you can open an account with them by clicking here. If your friends in the U.K. have recommended a Crypto firm other than GlobalBlock there's a good chance it is a white label company that is marketing the services of GlobalBlock under their own brand and you would be best off directly using GlobalBlock!

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