NIA's IMAX Call Option Hits $1.70 Already Up 143%!

On October 28th, with Imax (IMAX) trading for $13.40 per share, NIA predicted that IMAX would dip at the start of November but then rally to $17 per share in December.

NIA said that the January 20, 2023, IMAX $15 call options were a buy at any price of $0.70 or below during the month of November and would rally to $2+ in December after the movie Avatar 2 is released.

On November 10th, the January 20, 2023, IMAX $15 call options closed at $0.68 almost the exact price that NIA predicted they would dip to and rally from.

Yesterday, NIA's IMAX call option suggestion closed at $1.70 and is already up by 142.86%!

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