NIA's #1 Psychedelic Pick NUMI Hits New High!

On September 27th, NIA announced Numinus Wellness (TSXV: NUMI) at $0.285 per share as its #4 favorite overall stock suggestion for between now and year-end 2020 and #1 favorite psychedelic medicine stock suggestion. NUMI hit a high of $0.365 per share at 1:30PMEDT this afternoon for a gain of 28.07% from NIA's suggestion price!

On November 3rd, Oregon residents will be voting on a measure to create a program for legally administering psilocybin products, such as psilocybin-producing mushrooms to individuals aged 21 years or older.

NUMI has begun cultivating Psilocybe mushrooms, for the purpose of psilocybin production, at its 7000 square-foot Health Canada licensed facility. After industry bellwether Compass Pathways (CMPS), which now has a market cap of $1.52 billion, we consider NUMI to be the highest quality psychedelics company. NUMI's vertically integrated ecosystem positions it to be a first-in-market, trusted leader in the delivery of psychedelic-assisted psychotherapies when regulated.

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