NIA's #1 NASDAQ Pick CSSE Skyrocketing

On May 14th, NIA announced Chicken Soup for the Soul Entertainment (CSSE) at $7.71 per share as its #1 favorite mid-year NASDAQ pick: click here to read our initial report!

On the morning of June 4th, with CSSE trading for $7.50 per share, NIA sent out an alert saying, "We recently announced Chicken Soup for the Soul (CSSE) as one of our top 3 mid-year picks. Genius Brands (GNUS) is now a $770 million company because it 'intends to launch' a Kartoon Channel AVOD network in two weeks. CSSE is worth less than $200 million but it literally owns two of the world's most popular AVOD platforms that already exist today Crackle and PopcornFlix."

On the afternoon of June 4th, NIA sent out a follow-up alert saying, "CSSE is beginning to breakout big and is currently up by 7.61% to $7.92 per share on double its average trading volume. If CSSE changed their name to PopcornFlix with a symbol FLIX it would immediately double in value. NIA predicts that over the next 30 days... CSSE will become the #1 highest market cap AVOD company and will far surpass the valuation of Genius Brands (GNUS) and Cinedigm (CIDM)."

CSSE this morning is currently trading for $14.323 per share for a gain of 85.77% from our initial suggestion price of $7.71 per share! In comparison, GNUS and CIDM are down 83.1% and 76.5% respectively from their June 4th closing prices. CSSE's valuation has surpassed both GNUS and CIDM like we predicted, but we were wrong about it happening within 30 days... it needed close to 90 days!

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