NIA's #1 COVID is Gone Play

As we've been saying since March, COVID-19 was nothing more than the flu being weaponized to destroy the economy and make Americans suffer for the purpose of removing President Trump from office. Trump has been the first President since Jimmy Carter not to start any new foreign wars for the military industrial complex. It's an exact repeat of what happened with Jimmy Carter where they wanted him gone for the exact same reason!

The mainstream media hated Carter and portrayed him as weak and feckless for refusing to go to war with Iran. Ronald Reagan's Presidential campaign, including future CIA Director William Casey, made a secret deal with Iran to delay the release of American hostages until after the election. The hostages were released just minutes after President Ronald Reagan was sworn into office.

The Deep State obviously had a deal with Pfizer to delay the announcement of the vaccine until after the election so that their use of HAMR and Scorecard to change the vote tallies within Dominion Voting Systems would be less likely to get noticed. If the vaccine was announced before the election, Trump would've won so overwhelmingly that any cheating would have been clear to even the most brainwashed Americans who can't think for themselves.

We have for you what we believe will become the #1 gaining COVID is Gone Play: Saker Aviation (SKAS) currently $1.71 per share.

SKAS operates the Downtown Manhattan Heliport near Wall Street. SKAS has only 1.024 million shares outstanding for a market cap at $1.71 per share of $1.75 million! This is the heliport that Marine One lands at whenever President Trump visits NYC and we believe Trump will continue to land here in Marine One for four more years after the great Clarence Thomas finally gets his revenge against Biden and Brett Kavanaugh finally gets Kamala back for trying to ruin his life with the same exact con of fake sexual harassment allegations.

As of June 30th, SKAS had a $2,500,898 net cash position or $2.44 per share in net cash! Prior to the phony/fake pandemic, SKAS was generating $11.57 million per year in revenue and $949,000 per year in positive free cash flow. We expect SKAS's business to rapidly recover in 2021 and return to being cash flow positive! SKAS could easily double from its current price within days/weeks.

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