NIA Loves MetaWorks (MWRK) Here at $0.09

MetaWorks Platforms, Inc. (MWRK) is launching a new blockchain-based NFT ticketing platform by the end of the year that completely eliminates the secondary market ticketing process where middlemen mark tickets up 5 to 20 times from their face value with neither the fan nor the artists benefiting.

During the past month, there have been countless articles in the mainstream media about America's concert ticket inflation crisis:

'Live Music Is Roaring Back. But Fans Are Reeling From Sticker Shock.' - New York Times (click here to read)

'The Year of the $1,000 Concert Ticket' - Wall Street Journal (click here to read)

'Why are concert tickets so expensive?' - Hypebot (click here to read)

'Live Nation CEO Explains Concert Ticket Prices + Fees, Wants to Fully Implement All-in Pricing' - Loudwire (click here to read)

'The Complicated Formula of Concert Ticket Prices' - Boardroom (click here to read)

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