NIA Just Spoke to ITKO's CEO

This past weekend, we replaced our partially released mid-year 2020 report with a brand new fully released Top 5 favorite overall picks report for between now and year-end 2020! Idaho Champion Gold (CSE: ITKO) is officially our #3 overall pick for between now and year-end 2020 and our #1 favorite U.S. gold pick!

We just spoke to ITKO's CEO this afternoon and we confirmed several extremely important matters:

1) The drill core from the currently ongoing 2020 Baner drilling program looks visually the same/similar to the drill core from their late-2018 Baner drilling program that intercepted gold in 18 of 19 drill holes, including multiple intercepts of high-grade, near-surface gold with the highest quality intercepts discovered at the northernmost end of the structure, which is where ITKO is drilling in 2020 only with a slight step-out to the east to crosscut more of the Orogrande Shear Zone!

2) Bema Gold's gold production from 1989 through 1992 at ITKO's 100% owned Champagne Gold Project, only extracted the first 35m of ore from surface through open-pit mining! Many of Bema's historical drill holes drilled down to the 100m level. This means that any historical drill holes drilled by Bema Gold at ITKO's Champagne Gold Project, with intercepts that went deeper than 35m downhole... most likely still contain the gold discovered below 35m!

For example, drill hole LC8609 achieved an intercept between 7.6m and 79.2m downhole, totaling 71.6m of 1.57 g/t gold and 41.94 g/t silver. At this drill hole, we can assume that mineralization still exists between 35m and 79.2m downhole for a total remaining intercept of 44.2m! We don't know what the exact grades are for the remaining intercept in this drill hole but ITKO is probably testing it as part of its currently ongoing drilling campaign at Champange, so we could find out very soon!

3) Open up ITKO's corporate presentation by clicking here! Page 18 shows historical drilling data from within the past producing pit! Drill hole LC8618 achieved its entire intercept between 41.1m and 68.6m totaling 27.5m of 1.46 g/t gold and 47.66 g/t silverBecause this intercept started below 35m downhole, the entire intercept with significant grades of gold and silver still exists in the ground!

4) Flip to the following page in ITKO's presentation (page 19)., These intercepts are located OUTSIDE of the past producing pit in an area that Bema never brought into production! These intercepts ALL still exist for ITKO! One of the drill holes located outside of the historical open pit is drill hole LC8620 which intercepted 44.2m of 1.90 g/t gold and 78.96 g/t silver! 

5) ITKO's CEO confirmed that they wouldn't have added a diamond drilling rig to explore Champagne along with their already operating RC drilling rig, unless they have begun encountering high quality intercepts that they want to be in CORE form!


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