NIA Has Researched 100% of All Football Stocks

NIA has researched 100% of all football stocks similar to how NIA previously researched 100% of all AI stocks prior to its most recent suggestions of Healwell AI (TSX: AIDX) at $0.93 per share and AI (CSE: TRUE) at $0.71 per share.

Celtic plc (LSE: CCP) or CLTFF is making all of the right moves to become the world's next multi-billion-dollar football club including its ongoing construction of their new state-of-the-art Barrowfield Training Centre for the Celtic FC Women's Squad and Celtic FC Boys and Girls Youth Academies.

There is one other publicly traded football club with strong fundamentals called S.S. Lazio S.p.A. (SSL.MI), but Lazio's "brand" is being the racist/fascist football club. Click here to watch a video about Lazio's history of racism and fascism. No American billionaire will ever buy Lazio for this reason.

In 2019, Celtic FC fan Conor Weir went to Rome to support Celtic in their match against Lazio. After Celtic won their match, Conor Weir was buying food at a local McDonalds and got ambushed and stabbed by Lazio fans wearing hoods and masks who then fled in a vehicle. Click here to read about this horrific incident!

There is a reason the world's most valuable multi-billion-dollar football clubs Manchester City and Chelsea have chosen Celtic for their U.S. matches this month and not Lazio.

There is another publicly traded Italian football club called Juventus Football Club SpA (JUVE.MI), which is actually the club that NIA's President supports.

JUVE has established a very strong global brand similar to Celtic.

JUVE currently trades at an enterprise value of €1.232 billion or 3X revenue of €411.05 million.

An enterprise value for Celtic plc (LSE: CCP) of 3X revenue would value CCP with an enterprise value of £385.59 million and market cap of £452.92 million.

This would value CCP at £4.78 per share and CLTFF at $6.12 per share.

Asbestos Corporation has great fundamentals like S.S. Lazio S.p.A. (SSL.MI).

Asbestos Corporation is trading with a P/E of 1.29 similar to S.S. Lazio S.p.A. (SSL.MI)'s P/E of 1.60.

Do you want to invest into Asbestos Corporation? Nobody on earth wants to invest into S.S. Lazio S.p.A. (SSL.MI) for good reason!

Celtic plc (LSE: CCP) or CLTFF is on its way to becoming a billion dollar plus market cap company.

Celtic has great fundamentals, a perfect chart, an extremely valuable brand, the best football stadium in Europe, and huge imminent catalysts!

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