Must See Cover of Barron's This Week

The best possible sign for gold is the cover of Barron's this week, "Time to Buy Bonds!"
Everybody already owns bonds. Nobody owns gold.
By the time Barron's is saying "Time to Buy Gold!", our top gold picks will already be 1,000%-10,000% higher than today and we will be exiting gold stocks to buy bonds!
Here are the latest shares outstanding of SPDR Gold Trust (GLD) vs. iShares 20+ Year Treasury Bond ETF (TLT):
GLD has seen $21.925 billion in outflows over the last 36 monthsTLT has seen $39.934 billion in inflows over the last 24 months.
This is getting ready to reverse and will send gold to $2,600+ per oz in the upcoming months.
The GLD/TLT Ratio is having its largest up month since January 2009, but nobody believes gold will continue to go higher, which means it definitely will in a very big way and a massive repricing to the upside for the highest quality gold exploration stocks is imminent!
Only Augusta Gold (TSX: G) has a fully permitted shovel ready for construction gold project in the largest new gold district of the world's #1 gold jurisdiction of Nevada. Billionaire Richard Warke is in the process of selling his Solaris Resources (TSX: SLS) because he knows gold will outperform copper moving forward and he wants to focus on getting Augusta Gold (TSX: G)'s market cap up to $1 billion+.
At the beginning of the copper boom, Richard Warke got the market cap of SLS up to $2 billion within 18 months, but copper has declined since then while gold is exploding and about to start hitting new all-time highs!
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