Must Read Immediately About E

Pull up a long-term chart of Enterprise Group (TSX: E) and compare it to the NYSE traded company Civeo (CVEO). There is a very close correlation between the two companies. E has always followed CVEO very closely!

Over the past month, CVEO has gained by 82.75%, which we believe will cause E to rise significantly higher throughout the rest of December and into early 2021! CVEO and E are considered to be "best of class" companies in their respective spaces! Anytime Canada has a large infrastructure project, CVEO is usually used to provide temporary hotel rooms for the workers while E often provides those same project sites with remote power generators, remote lighting systems, remote bathrooms w/sewage treatment, remote fuel storage, remote command centers, remote kitchens, flameless heat, etc.

E is a one-stop provider of on-site infrastructure equipment with many multibillion dollar publicly traded clients across a well-diversified group of industries including oil and gas E&P companies, infrastructure construction companies, agriculture companies, and gold mining companies. E custom designs and builds its own modular/combo equipment, which gives them a huge competitive advantage and makes it difficult for others to compete against E's three well-established subsidiaries: Hart, Westar, and Artic Therm. E owns a total of 3,200 pieces of mostly heavy equipment.

On March 20th, CVEO's price/book value ratio bottomed at a low of 0.157. At that time, E had a very similar price/book value ratio of 0.152.

Today, CVEO's price/book value ratio has returned to 0.769 but E's current price/book value ratio is only 0.281.

On June 30th, CVEO had a current ratio (current assets/current liabilities) of 1.185 vs. E's current ratio of 0.51. As of September 30th, CVEO has a current ratio of 1.147 vs. E's current ratio of 3.413. Now that E has a current ratio that is nearly triple the current ratio of CVEO, E at a very minimum should be trading with the same price/book value ratio as CVEO.

CVEO's current price/book value ratio of 0.769 would value E at $0.574 per share.

CVEO has $106.99 million in goodwill/intangible assets on its balance sheet, which is equal to 36.46% of its shareholder equity. E has almost no goodwill/intangible assets on its balance sheet.

CVEO's current price/tangible book value ratio of 1.211 would value E at $0.905 per share.

E has improved its gross profit margin on a trailing twelve month (TTM) basis to 29.23% for its highest gross margins in nearly six years. E's gross profit margin (TTM) has now surpassed CVEO for the first time in history!

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