MOX Likely to Be $1+ Soon

Morien Resources (TSXV: MOX) is likely to be $1+ soon and we say this knowing that it truly deserves a valuation of $2-$4 per share, and $1+ is a worst-case scenario in our opinion.

Click here to read a technical report for the Donkin Coal Mine. Scroll to page 54. Take a look at Donkin's Production Schedule of "Clean Tonnes".

Keep in mind, the mine didn't launch production until 2017 and after operating for about three years, it was placed on care & maintenance in March 2020.

The mine was estimated to ramp up coal production at the following rate with a total mine life of 28+ years:

375,000 tonnes during Year 1

373,000 tonnes during Year 2

642,000 tonnes during Year 3

1,216,000 tonnes during Year 4

2,145,000 tonnes during Year 5

2,534,000 tonnes during Year 6

2,640,000 tonnes during Year 7

2,714,000 tonnes during Year 8

2,949,000 tonnes during Year 9

From 2017-2020, Donkin only produced at a low rate during the initial development phase. When the mine reopens in the upcoming weeks, it will be starting off at about the Year 4 point.

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