MOX Gains by 12.16% to $0.83 Per Share!

Morien Resources (TSXV: MOX) gained by 12.16% today to $0.83 per share!

MOX's current market cap at $0.83 per share is CAD$41.986 million! Royalty companies trade for between 10-20X annual royalty revenue!

MOX is likely to initially earn $10 million in annual royalties, which will quickly grow to $20 million in annual royalties. This means MOX should trade with a market cap of CAD$100-$200 million!

Here is the production ramp up schedule (keep in mind we are starting off today at approximately year 4):

375,000 tonnes during Year 1

373,000 tonnes during Year 2

642,000 tonnes during Year 3

1,216,000 tonnes during Year 4

2,145,000 tonnes during Year 5

2,534,000 tonnes during Year 6

2,640,000 tonnes during Year 7

2,714,000 tonnes during Year 8

2,949,000 tonnes during Year 9

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