#1 Most Bullish Short-Term Indicator for Gold

Ever since gold's new secular bull market began on December 17, 2015, at a nominal price of $1,049 per oz, the #1 most bullish short-term indicator for gold has been a U.S. Dollar Index of above 102. During this time period, when the U.S. Dollar Index rises to above 102, gold rises big over the following one-, three-, six-, and twelve-month periods 100% of the time. Since December 17, 2015, when the U.S. Dollar Index is above 102, gold achieves a median one-month gain of 5.41%, which is 13.87X higher than gold's median one-month gain when the U.S. Dollar Index is below 102. Currently, the U.S. Dollar Index is trading for 103.212, which is the most bullish possible short-term indicator for gold.

As gold makes a massive breakout in the upcoming weeks Augusta Gold (TSX: G) will become the largest gaining gold stock.

G is getting ready to surpass its most important key breakout point of $2.25 per share. When G surpasses $2.25 per share we look for it to rapidly rise to $3+ per share within the following 2-3 trading days.

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