The Moronic Media Control Variant

We guarantee that if they were to test frozen samples in medical storage from ten years ago, many would test positive for COVID-19 even though it is supposedly a novel virus. A few years ago, frozen samples were tested for HIV and proved that HIV was already circulating widely in NYC in 1970 and wasn't a novel virus developed in 1981. Click here to see for yourself. This "clearedpatient zero Gaétan Dugas a gay flight attendant from Canada who the media wrongfully blamed for bringing HIV to the U.S.

How convenient that after the media announced omicron aka moronic (delta omicron aka media control) there is suddenly an "outbreak" within days. The media claims to know the exact percentage of "COVID cases" that are caused by the moronic media control variant, but almost none of the PCR tests are being sent for genetic sequencing.

Notice how professional sports are being used to fuel the outbreak. This is similar to how Magic Johnson was used by the deep state to fuel the fear mongering during the phony/fake AIDS epidemic to trick thousands of Americans into taking the toxic drug AZT, which killed far more people than the disease. If the NBA was truly 98% vaccinated (it's not) the only possible explanation for the outbreak in the NBA would be Antibody-dependent Enhancement (ADE). On May 23rd, NIA listed in its 'Top 10 Unanswered Scamdemic Questions' as its #1 most important question, "Are vaccines causing Antibody-dependent Enhancement (ADE) in the 90+ countries that have suddenly experienced a huge surge in COVID-19 deaths as soon as they began vaccinating the public?" Click here to see for yourself.

African Americans are the least likely to get vaccinated for good reason. Many scientists believe that AIDS may have originated from a contaminated polio vaccine that was administered to inhabitants of Equatorial Africa from 1957 to 1959. Click here to see for yourself. More recently, Sudan experienced a sudden outbreak of polio linked to the oral polio vaccine. Click here to see for yourself.