Michael Saylor Is Selling $3M of MSTR Shares Every Single Day

If Michael Saylor really believed in Bitcoin, why does he sell $3 million worth of MicroStrategy (MSTR) shares every single day especially when he claims MSTR is being valued below the Bitcoin it holds?! Click here to see his insider selling!

Only in gold exploration stocks do we see massive insider buying and almost no insider selling.

Yet, stupid retail investors loaded up on MSTR prior to the launch of Bitcoin ETFs thinking the ETFs would send Bitcoin to $100,000+ within days. Bitcoin will never surpass $69,000.

Gold exploration stocks are priced as if Bitcoin is taking over the world. People will look back at today thinking "who could've possibility have known it was a good idea to buy gold exploration stocks back then when nobody wanted them because Bitcoin was so popular".

Grayscale Bitcoin Trust (GBTC) is seeing massive fund outflows every single day exactly like NIA predicted on January 10th! Click here to see NIA's January 10th alert!

Marathon Digital (MARA) declined another 6.89% today to $16.07 per share! MARA has declined by 39.84% since NIA's December 26th warning with MARA at $26.71 per share entitled, 'Bitcoin and Bitcoin Miners Could Crash Within Weeks'Click here to see NIA's December 26th warning!