Michael Burry is Almost Always Right

Recently, we told you about how our good friend who wrote The Big Short about Michael Burry was living with SBF during the final months of FTX and is beginning to write what will be one of the most amazing books/movies in history.

Michael Burry who unlike Peter Schiff actually did profit big from the mortgage meltdown is one of the few people who we highly respect the opinion of because he is almost always right.

This weekend Michael Burry tweeted: "Inflation peaked. But it is not the last peak of this cycle. We are likely to see CPI lower, possibly negative in 2H 2023, and the US in recession by any definition. Fed will cut and government will stimulate. And we will have another inflation spike. It's not hard."

We are in a new inflationary decade. Crypto/Tech Stocks do well when we are in a decade of deflationary forces in the system that allow the Fed to print money without consequence.

During inflationary decades, gold mining/exploration stocks always become the largest gainers 100% of the time.