Media Admits to Covid Testing Scam

On June 26th, NIA wrote a very important article entitled, 'Media Lying about COVID-19 Testing' (click here to read it). NIA exposed how CNN, MSNBC, and FOX News had published over 56,000 articles in 2020 about COVID-19 but none of them contained the term "cycle threshold" even though it is by far the #1 most important term related to the COVID-19 PCR test. While the mainstream media (MSM) was busy promoting the need for more testing they didn't once explain that PCR tests don't have the ability to produce a binary result of positive or negative.

NIA explained in its article why the #1 question that the MSM should be asking is, "Who determined that a cycle threshold of 40 should be used to determine whether or not you have COVID-19?" The cycle threshold of 40 used in the U.S. causes a person to test positive even if there are no matches to the genetic sequences associated with SARS-CoV-2 until after the DNA sample has been copied 1 TRILLION times! At that point, the test becomes so extremely sensitive that it picks up trace amounts of genetic fragments leftover from previous infections.

It is very possible that COVID-19 has already been circulating for years but by the MSM pressuring the public to get tested even if they were asymptomatic, while deceiving the public into believing that COVID-19 PCR tests provide a binary result with low rates of false positives... the MSM in collusion with Dr. Fauci successfully created mass hysteria that destroyed the economy, caused $3 trillion to be printed without any debate or discussion, while inflating the biggest financial bubble in world history thereby causing income and wealth inequality to hit new record extremes! After months of fear-mongering, the NY Times last week became the first MSM news outlet to finally admit the truth in an article 'Your Coronavirus Test Is Positive. Maybe It Shouldn’t Be' (click here to read it for free on UC Riverside's web site - the original version behind a paywall can be found here).

The NY Times admitted to COVID-19 PCR Tests being quantitative tests that rely on a cycle threshold cut-off to determine who is positive and negative, and quoted UC Riverside Virologist Juliet Morrison who said, "I’m shocked that people would think that 40 could represent a positive!" According to Morrison, the cycle threshold should be lowered to between 30-35. The NY Times also quoted Dr. Michael Mina of Harvard who suggested lowering the cycle threshold to 30 or less.

A cycle threshold of 30 would require the matching genetic material to be 1,000X greater than the current U.S. standard because it would only make 1 billion DNA copies instead of 1 trillion. We would argue that even a cycle threshold of 30 is way too high. When a PCR test is used to detect the viral load of an HIV-1 patient, a cycle threshold value of 29.3 indicates a viral load of less than 43.7 HIV-1 RNA copies/ml - a level so low it is considered undetectable (meaning the patient has zero risk of spreading it to other people). For an HIV-1 patient to have a high viral load and be highly contagious, the PCR test must find a match within 20 cycles.

At a cycle threshold of 20, the DNA sample has been copied 1 million times. If a person is truly infected with COVID-19 where they are at risk of becoming severely sick and spreading the virus to others - they will almost certainly have enough viral load for it to be detected within 20 cycles of amplification. However, almost all COVID-19 patients with a cycle threshold value of 20 or lower will be symptomatic.

For a COVID-19 test to actually detect a dangerous viral load in an asymptomatic patient, they would need to be tested with perfect timing and the patient would most likely become symptomatic prior to receiving the test results, rendering the test useless. This is why asymptomatic people never get tested for the flu. There is zero evidence of COVID-19 being more deadly and/or contagious than the flu, nor is there evidence that it has any additional long-term side effects. The only reason COVID-19 PCR tests exist is to fuel fear and hysteria - there are no positive benefits that can come from being tested - especially when each patient's cycle threshold value is kept secret!

For a while, most Americans have had a gut feeling that COVID-19 is a scam... but they weren't sure how to prove it. The fact that Joe Biden tweeted on October 25, 2019, "We are not prepared for a pandemic," is evidence that he had knowledge of what was being planned and almost gave it away by mistake. Any Americans still in denial of the truth, received a wake-up call on June 5th when over 1,000 health professionals signed a letter declaring it "vital to the national public health" to riot and loot, explaining, "we do not condemn these gatherings as risky for COVID-19 transmission." In the same paragraph they made sure to clarify, "This should not be confused with a permissive stance on all gatherings, particularly protests against stay-home orders." Notice how the MSM never says that George Floyd died of COVID-19, even though he counted as a COVID-19 death... it would be an admission that their two biggest narratives are fake.

NIA reported in its June 26th article based on information from a reliable source, "in recent weeks over 90% of all positive PCR tests for COVID-19 have had a cycle threshold value of 33 or higher. The fear-mongering media refuses to report this fact. They refuse to even explain the meaning of a cycle threshold value." The NY Times confirmed the accuracy of NIA's source by reporting, "In three sets of testing data that include cycle thresholds, compiled by officials in Massachusetts, New York and Nevada, up to 90 percent of people testing positive carried barely any virus."