Match Acquires HP's Competitor for $1.725 Billion!

Hello Pal (CSE: HP)'s app is beginning to gain major traction in China and other Asian countries because it has differentiated itself from Facebook and Twitter by making itself similar to the Azar app of Hyperconnect. HP's Hello Pal app just like Hyperconnect's Azar focuses not only on friends communicating, but it more importantly makes introductions between people who have never met before, allowing them to strike up a conversation. Both Hello Pal and Azar offer livestreaming that can instantly translate voice and text for users that speak different languages. HP's built-in Crypto/Blockchain technology allows users to compensate livestreaming hosts using Hello Pal's in-app currency, which can be redeemed by the hosts for fiat currency. Many hosts make a living solely through Hello Pal, especially during the current pandemic.

Two days ago, Match Group (MTCH) announced a deal to acquire Hyperconnect for US$1.725 billion in cash and stock. Hyperconnect is projected to have generated US$200 million in revenue in 2020, which means MTCH paid 8.625X revenue for Hyperconnect!

HP announced earlier this week that it generated record monthly revenue in January 2021 of CAD$2.795 million! HP's current market cap at $0.43 per share is only CAD$59.71 million!

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