MARV Gains 9.09% to $0.06 Per Share

NIA's #1 uranium stock suggestion Marvel Discovery (TSXV: MARV) gained by 9.09% today to $0.06 per share on volume of 348,000 shares!

Uranium is exploding with Sprott Uranium Trust (SRUUF) up by 1.79% today!

MARV's newly acquired Costigan Lake uranium project in the Athabasca Basin is in the best possible location on trend with the world's highest-grade uranium mines that currently produce 22% of global uranium production! MARV's market cap is a tiny fraction of the uranium explorers surrounding their newly acquired project! MARV now has a total of four uranium projects in addition to multiple gold projects including gold projects directly adjacent to New Found Gold (TSXV: NFG)'s billion-dollar Queensway Project!

MARV is the only uranium stock we are bullish on. It is crazy how low MARV's market cap currently is! The median publicly traded uranium company is trading with a market cap of approximately 10X more than MARV, but most other uranium stocks are overvalued relative to current uranium prices! Almost no uranium investors are even aware yet about MARV's recent game-changing acquisitions on the Athabasca Basin!

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