March Rate Hike Odds Hit 57.6% a New Record High!

The odds of a March 2022 Fed Rate Hike have just hit a new record high of 57.6% up from 52.8% one day ago, 41.8% one week ago and 23.4% one month ago!

Historically, when the Federal Reserve raises rates from artificially low levelsgold rallies big 100% of the time. During the last five rate hike cycles from artificially low levels of less than 5%gold on average has rallied by 195.25%!

February 1972-December 1974Fed Funds Rate increased from 3.29% to 12.92% while gold rose from $48.40 per oz to $186.50 per oz for a gain of 285.33%.

January 1977-April 1980Fed Funds Rate increased from 4.61% to 17.61% while gold rose from $132.10 per oz to $850 per oz for a gain of 543.45%.

December 1992-April 1995Fed Funds Rate increased from 2.92% to 6.05% while gold rose from $332.90 per oz to $405.60 per oz for a gain of 21.84%.

May 2004-July 2006Fed Funds Rate increased from 1% to 5.24% while gold rose from $387.30 per oz to $730 per oz for a gain of 88.48%.

December 2015-July 2019Fed Funds Rate increased from 0.25% to 2.50% while gold rose from $1,050 per oz to $1,440 per oz for a gain of 37.14%.

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