MARA Down 33.43% Since NIA's December 26th Warning

Marathon Digital (MARA) declined by 6.32% today to $17.78 per share and has declined by 33.43% since NIA's December 26th warning with MARA at $26.71 per share entitled, 'Bitcoin and Bitcoin Miners Could Crash Within Weeks'.

NIA said on December 26th, "Marathon Digital (MARA) closed Friday at its #1 most overvalued share price in history. When MARA closed at its #2 most overvalued share price in history on July 13th, MARA declined by 59.07% and Bitcoin declined by 20.07% over the following 90 days."

All of the time people wasted speculating on worthless manipulated Crypto tokens means that almost nobody except for NIA is qualified to analyze mineral exploration companies to discover the next nickel district to be developed or the next gold district to be developed.