Major AHG "Opi-Free" Discovery Made by NIA this Morning!

NIA has just discovered this morning that Alternate Health (CSE: AHG)'s new Blaine Labs subsidiary that the company is acquiring has just filed on April 26th with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office a trademark application for "Opi-Free". It says that the use of Opi-Free will be for: "non-prescription formulations, kits, tablets, gels, and nutritional supplements with CBD for oral and topical use to facilitate withdrawal from opioids and to assist with opioid addiction issues."

North America currently has the highest drug-related mortality rate in the world, accounting for 1-in-4 drug-related deaths globally. Opioids account for the majority of these drug-related deaths.

It appears like AHG is about to become the world's first company to utilize CBD as part of an over-the-counter product kit called Opi-Free that will assist Americans/Canadians with opioid addiction issues and help facilitate withdrawal from opioids in a less painful way!

Currently, Americans who are withdrawing from heroin and go to their local hospital for help, usually get counseled about addiction treatment and referred to local addiction treatment centers - before getting kicked out without receiving any real help at all! No company has ever created an over-the-counter product/product-kit that can truly help with opioid addiction issues and save lives!

Although Suboxone can help people recover from opioids, very few doctors are allowed to prescribe it and it has potential for abuse and addiction itself. CBD has been shown to assist with the symptoms of opioid withdrawal by decreasing cravings and anxiety - without the risks that come from Suboxone!

Imagine the nationwide publicity AHG will receive if it announces the launch of Opi-Free through Blaine Labs! This is a product kit that every major retailer across all of North America will immediately want to sell! Last year, Blaine Labs generated in excess of USD$14 million in revenue with net income of approximately USD$8 million!

Already, AHG is working closely with Blaine Labs to turn it into an international CBD leader. A product like Opi-Free could potentially cause the revenue/net income of Blaine Labs to immediately double or triple in its first year as a subsidiary of AHG!

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