Lowest TSX Venture Trading Volume for Gold Explorers in History

All 1,665 TSX Venture listed companies combined have traded an average of only CAD$53.8 million (US$39.85 million) in daily dollar volume in 2024 year-to-date. These companies are responsible for over half of all global mineral exploration, yet nobody cares about them due to the perception of easy riches to be made buying Meme tokens with no utility like Bonk.

We have adjusted historical TSX Venture dollar volume data for growth in Canadian M3 money supply to make a proper comparison of 2024 vs. the previous 22 years (data is only available since 2002).

2024 is the lowest average daily dollar volume for TSX Venture companies in history.

The previous record low was set in 2002 when TSX Venture companies traded only CAD$54.09 million in daily dollar volume. During the following five years, TSX Venture trading volumes increased 10.63X higher to a record high in 2007 of CAD$574.8 million in daily dollar volume.

During the five-year period of 2002 through 2007, some of the highest quality gold exploration stocks saw their share prices gain by over 10,000%.